Marimba Plus «Flight Over The World» (2012)

Lev Slepner — composer, marimba, percussion

Tatiana Shishkova — vocals, palmas, samba whistle, lyrics

Sergey Nankin — clarinet, bassethorn, bass clarinet, vocals

Timur Nekrasov — saxophones (soprano, tenor, baritone)

Evgeny Lebedev — piano, keyboards, accordion

Evgeniy Yarin — bass guitars

Alexander Kulkov — drums

Special guests:

Vladislav Okunev — percussion (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8)

Gennady Lavrentiev — tabla, violin, parant (2)

Ivan Antonov — acoustic guitar (5)

Marian Kaldadaru — toba (6)

Roman Agapov — guitar (7)

Iliya Dvoretskiy — flute (8)

I have the courage to say that this is one of the best albums by Marimba Plus! It is inventive, colorful,  energetic, positive, sunny, delicious! Great groove, great sound! Wonderful musicians! Interesting solos! Played with respect  to the long-standing and deep folk traditions but at  the same time with an original attitude towards them. I have never heard a vocalist as careful as Tatiana with the vibration an the end of phrases and who is so organically in the aesthetics of Indian, Spanish, African and other traditions. You may sometimes believe that her roots belong to different nations! Talking about a composition called Marimba Chalan… One wonders if there could be anything interesting made in traditional Indian music after such musicians as Ravi Shankar, Trilok Gurtu, Lakshminarayana Subramaniam, Lakshminarayana Shankar and many others. But Marimba Plus has been able to express a personal attitude to this branch of culture!

This album would be great addition to your collection.

Bravo! Congratulations!


Arkady Shilkloper,

Russian and German jazz musician, hornist

Marimba Plus «New Heart» (2016)

Lev Slepner — composer, marimba, percussion, piano

Tatiana Shishkova — vocals, keyboards, percussion, lyrics

Sergey Nankin — clarinet, bassethorn, vocals, lyrics

Michael Zuyev — saxophone, keyboards

Yulia Malikova — trumpet, flugelhorn

Evgeniy Yarin — bass guitars

Artem Fetisov — drums

Special guest:

Alex Glushkov — guitar


Recorded at Vladimir Osinsky studio

Recording engineers: Ilya Kononov, Valentin Osinsky and Evgeny Shevchuk

Recording assistant — Nikita Belykh

Mixing — Ilya Kononov

Mastering — Valentin Osinsky, Vladimir Osinsky

Producer — Tabriz Shakhidi

Artwork — Anna Karpova, Dmitry Geller

Vellua «Portrait of Souls» (2018)

Written and composed by Haval and Joe Haco


Musicians invited to Vellua project to record this album:

Tatiana Shishkova (Russia), Maria Stadbichenko (Georgia), Daddou (Egypt) — vocals

Stein Bull-Hansen (Norway) — guitar

Sean Nerney (Singapore) — keys and synth

Carolina Treuel (Venezuela) — cello

Dragan Buca Tederovic (Serbia) — bouzoki

Kalin Gregoriev (Bulgaria) — ney, kaval


Recording label: Världsmusik

Aleksey Starodubtsev «Carmonita» (2019)

Alexey Starodubtsev — composer, guitars, piano, keyboards 
David Barcos (1, 4) — cante 
Raul Levia (1, 2, 6) — cante 
Tatiana Shishkova (1, 2, 3, 4, 6) — cante 
Alberto Funes (3, 5, 8) — cante 
Tremendo Hijo (5) — cante 
Sergey Konyaev (3, 4, 6) — percussion, fretless bass 
Paco de Mode (2, 5, 7) — percussion 
Isaac Vigueras (1) — percussion 
Vasiliy Koloda (6) — percussion 
Alla Visokogorskaya (1) — violin 
Nene Maya (2, 5) — bass 
Max Somov (3) — doublebass 
Roman Vertyagin (1) — fretlessbass 
Stepan Pribytko (3) — zapateo 
Ilya Dvoretsky (4, 5) — flute 

Recording — Berenjena Records, Maya music studio 
Mix, mastering — 10Rec Studio​

released December 1, 2019