Education and activity

Tatiana Shishkova was born in Germany, Potsdam on April 14th, 1984. At the same year her family moved to Russia and then lived in St.-Petersburg for 7 years. Then they moved to Moscow. Her mother used to be an interpreter from English and Italian, and her father has his own forest business.

In 2006 Tatiana graduated from the vocal class of the Moscow College of Improvising Music and from the faculty of Cinema and TV Management of the Moscow State University of Management.


Tatiana's main activities include studying and performing Russian, African, Spanish ethnic music, participation in creative musical projects, theatrical performances, writing music, giving vocal lessons/workshops and participation in cultural expeditions.

Giving vocal workshops Tatiana always relies on Italian vocal school and flamenco rhythmic system.

Since 2008 Tatiana has worked with choreographer Natalia Zaykova and takes part in her original performances Frida and The Legend of Joan of Arc.


Tatiana has wide experience of working and performing with musicians and flamenco dancers from Spain, Argentina and Mexico, among them are: Adrian Sanchez (Granada), Javier Gomez, Sebastian Sanchez (Australia), Juan Aguirre (Chile), Juan Diego Barraso, Yasaray Rodriguez (Cuba), Leonor Leal (Seville), Kuky Santiago (Cadiz), Jose Ismael Sierra Flores, Clarisa Di Salvo (Buenos Aires),  Javier Malaguilla (Barcelona), Ana Pruneda (Mexico City), Domingo Ortega (Jerez), Pablo Oliva (Cadiz), David de Jose (Barcelona), Raul Levia (Barcelona), Juan Carlos Lérida (Seville).


From 2012 til 2020 Tatiana was the lead vocalist of Marimba Plus.


Since 2014 she participates in the Russian flamenco project Flamencura.

Since 2018 Tatiana has participated in the tango show Malena with tango dancers and Russian champions in Argentine tango Dmitry Kuznetsov and Olga Nikolaeva.

In 2020 Tatiana started recording her first solo album.



2013 - Flamenco Voice of Russia, special prize of Viva España International Festival (Moscow)

2012 -­ First Prize at the Viva España International Festival (Moscow), performing with Natalia Zaykova Theatre

Photo — Sebastian Mar

Photo by Olesia Bobrovskaya

Photo by Alex Kachkaev

Photo — Sebastian Mar